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A Peoples Bank ATM/Debit Card is a valuable tool in the utilization of your account.  This card is available for those holding a Peoples Bank Checking Account.  It provides access for those needing the convenience of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service.  The Debit Card provides purchasing power at retail establishments around the World.  With access to an ATM, the card allows many account services, such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.  Withdrawals of cash are limited to $200.00 per day.   ATM only cards are available with Savings Accounts.

There is no charge for the use of an ATM/Debit card at an ATM located at any of The Peoples Bank offices.  Outside of our service area, you may also access your account through any ATM that displays any of the following network affiliations: Shazam, Plus, and Visa.  The bank that owns another ATM machine may charge a fee for a transaction made through their institution that is in addition to a fee we charge for foreign ATM usage.  Debit card users can also request cash back when using the card as a debit transaction and entering the personal identification number (PIN) at the merchants terminal. Many larger retail stores offer this service without charging a fee.

At the time of a withdrawal of cash from an ATM machine, you are provided with a receipt that includes a balance.  Please be aware that this balance will often not reflect other activity that has occurred to your account in the past 24 to 48 hours.  In this day of various electronic transactions, account balances can change very quickly.  Deposits made via ATM machines may be delayed so we recommend making deposits into our night depository, where the transaction will be credited on the next business day.

Protect yourself from debit card theft and fraud by ensuring that your PIN is secure.  Don’t share your card or PIN with others.  If you are contacted through the telephone, or internet, by anyone asking for verification of your card number, account number, or other financial information - do not give out your information.  If the caller is insistent, ask for a number to call back with the verification.  They may not be who they profess to be.  Always report suspected fraud, or a stolen or lost card immediately to the Bank. During normal business hours we can be reached toll free at (877)427-2101, locally at (740)427-2101 or for after-hours reporting please contact 1(800)383-8000.


Both domestic and international wire services are available at our offices.  In addition a destination account number and bank routing number is normally needed to facilitate the monetary transfer.  If you believe that you have a wire coming in, you can review your accounts at  www.peoplesgambier.com to verify whether wired funds have been deposited.


Cashier’s Checks are official bank checks in which payment is guaranteed by the issuing bank.  This is possible since payment for the amount of the check has been made as part of the purchase.  Acceptance of Cashier’s Checks from another bank may require a hold, while the check is submitted to the originating bank for payment.  Unfortunately this is necessary since there has been significant fraudulent activity associated with Cashier’s Checks.  Cashier's Checks are considered guaranteed funds, therefore, you may not be able to place a stop payment on them.


Both of our branches have night depository services.  After hours deposits to your Peoples Bank accounts are always better made in the night depository than through the ATM machine because you will get quicker credit to your account.   Simply place your Peoples Bank account deposit in an envelope and drop into the slot.  If you have sizeable night deposits, such as for a business, let us know and we will provide you with a bag to use for your deposits.


For the convenience of our customers, The Peoples Bank offers 24/7 access to their account information by telephone.  We can set you up to check on your account balances, order checks, or find out recent account transactions.  Just ask, we will be glad to be able to help you get this setup.  Calling after 7:00 pm will ensure that you receive all of the previous days transactions.  The phone number for Voice Access is 740-397-2395.


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